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“Why can’t I hear God’s voice?”

Michael T. Weaver

When I was a child I used to get birthday cards from my grandma and grandpa who lived far away from me. When I opened one of their cards, it would say, “Dear Mike: Happy birthday to a super grandson! Love, Grandma and Grandpa.” Now I didn’t hear my grandma and grandpa say those words, but I knew that they wrote them to me. I was happy to get their card.

The Bible is filled with God’s words written to all of us. Every time we read the Bible we hear God speaking. Long ago people heard God speaking through Jesus’ voice and people wrote those words down for us. When your mom or dad reads the Bible out loud, God’s voice sounds like your mom’s or your dad’s voice.

When you pray you may not hear God speaking to you. Lots and lots of people don’t hear God speaking in that way. Some people say God’s voice is like a whisper. The prophet Elijah said he heard God speaking when it was very, very, very silent. Lots of people say that God’s voice is mysterious.

Have you ever crawled up to sit in your mom’s or dad’s lap? As you sit there, you may not say anything. Your mom or dad may not say anything either. Sometimes it is just nice to sit together with no talking and feel your mom’s or your dad’s arms wrapped around you. You feel loved and cared for. Prayer is sometimes like that. When we pray, we crawl up to sit in God’s lap and remind ourselves that God loves us very much.

While you may not hear God’s voice, what is very important to remember is that God hears you when you pray.

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