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Christmas joy

Use this issue to share the gift of Christmas with your children. Stories include “The first Christmas,”  “Advent wreath” and “Christmas prayer.” Children will also learn about a young child who lives in South Sudan and about Christmas symbols, such as evergreen trees, stars and more. As an added bonus, families can sing a Christmas hymn from Japan and make a homemade Christmas ornament together.


Cover - Christmas joy
By Kirsten Sevig

Advent wreath
Story by Mary Rand Hess
Illustration by Kathryn Mitter 

By Kevin Boozer

The gift of Christmas
Story by Sarah Carson
Illustrations by Don Tate 

Surm is 6
Story by Elizabeth Hunter
Photo by Paul Jeffrey/ACT

The first Christmas
Story by Elizabeth Hunter
Illustrations by Sue Todd

Christmas prayer
By Sarah Carson

Christmas joy
Story by Emily Demuth Ishida
Illustrations by Kirsten Sevig 

Sing & Sign: In a Lowly Manger Born
Illustrations by Sally Springer
Text by Yuki ko, text copyright © 1978 Lutheran Book of Worship admin. Augsburg Fortress. Reproduced by permission. All rights reserved.
Tune: MABUNE copyright © Seigi Abe, admin. Christian Conference of Asia. Used with permission. 

Activity: Our hands
Photo by Michael D. Watson

Can you find...

Jamison - dove winnerdove winnerFind the dove
Evan, age 4 (right)

Letter to adults
Text by Elizabeth Hunter

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