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Wherever you go

Wherever you go, God goes with you. In the October issue, children can find stories about pumpkins and apples, washing up, haircuts, Jesus' healing of 10 people with leprosy, Katie Luther and more.


Cover - Wherever you go
By Ashley Yazdani

One said, 'Thank you'
Story by Annie Haverlah
Illustrations by Gabhor Utomo

Washing up
By Elizabeth Hunter

Story by Kevin Boozer
Illustrations by Ashley Yazdani

In the rain forests
Story and photo by Y. Franklin Ishida

Katie was brave
Story by Kaethe Schwehn
Illustrations by Kirsten Sevig

Sing & Sign: Come and Go With Me

Illustrations by Sally Springer
Words and tune: Traditional
See the sheet music 

By Annie Haverlah

Activity: Make a map!
By Elizabeth Hunter

Can you find...

Jamison - dove winnerdove winnerFind the dove
Eike, age 6 (right)

Letter to adults
Text by Elizabeth Hunter

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